Alpina B6 2.7

Heralded as one of BMW’s finest creations, the E30 3-Series has stood the test of time.  Alpina’s interpretation further refines that platform into something truly unique and special.  Starting at the very heart of the car, Bavaria’s famed tuning house took the original M20B25 engine and bored it out to 2.7 liters.  Custom flathead pistons from Mahle were installed, along with a more aggressive camshaft with higher lift and duration.  Harder valve springs, a revised ignition system, and a higher compression ratio of 10.2:1 complete the engine modifications.  Altogether, the silky smooth inline six-cylinder produces 210 horsepower and 195 foot-pounds of torque.  That’s roughly an additional 40 horsepower over the stock 325i, and with a top speed touching 140 miles per hour, the B6 2.7 was the fastest E30 on sale before the larger engined B6 3.5 became available.  Furthermore, Alpina fitted a close ratio five-speed gearbox, dry sump lubrication, and its own custom exhaust system to round out the upgrades.

The 1986 Alpina B6 2.7 is an exceedingly rare Japan-only car.  An official Alpina plaque designates that it is just the 40th of only 67 total examples produced.  Due to government legislation, the larger 3-liter of the B6 was unable to pass the strict emission standards, and as such, Alpina opted to install the C2 drivetrain for that market.  Other than the smaller engine displacement, the vehicle is all standard B6.  Cosmetically, front and rear spoilers offer a more aggressive look, and the classic Alpina wheels provide the car with a sporty stance.  Distinctive gold, deco stripes complete the exterior package.  The interior is standard E30 apart from the striped upholstery and snug front seats.  The Alpina steering wheel reminds the driver of how unique the car is every time they go for a drive.

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